Friday, March 10, 2006

Now that I have been in bathrooms...too many to count!...from KY to FL, I must rant a little about our fair city. What is wrong with Paducahans(how do you spell that??)?? While trav eling to and from FL, we did not encounter a gross bathroom. Not one time. From time to time there may ahve been a non-flushing toilet or a few towels on the floor, but for the most part they were all clean. Yesterday we went to Walmart in Paducah and of course had to visit the restroom. There was pee on every seat, towels and toilet paper all over the floor. I am just disgusted by our town and its lack of respect for these very important facilities. How does a women pee and get pee all over the seat??? Even if your a non-sitter, you still are poised over the opening and the pee goes into the water. These women have to be hiking their leg like my dog to spray the whole seat. I hope whoever these culprits are, that they pee all over themselves as well as the seat. I hope they miss so badly they are forced to buy a change of clothes and suffer humiliation as they walk through the store soaking wet. We are women for goodness sake. We should be able to use our portable wipes to wipe down the seat, have a seat, take care of business and leave the bathroom better than we found it...the girl scout way!! How do you feel about this??

On a whole other note, I am sad to report that night owl Janice is missing in action. She has been replaced with down by 10, up by seven Janice

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jettybetty said...

I am pretty sure those dirty bathrooms are due to the fact that Olaf was passing through Paducah today.