Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Okay, just to wrap up what I did on my vacation, We left Orlando on Saturday at 10AM-we had to be out of the house by then. We then took off for Fort Pierce where Erik's Uncle lives. We got to their house about 4Pm. We took our time(stopped at the first beach we came too and played in the waves)(also managed to talk Erik into stopping at some yard sales!!) and stopped for steak and ribs along the way. Sunday Erik and his Uncle went to Jupiter FLA to see the St Louis Cardinals at spring training. They loved it. Fab and I took all the kiddos to the beach and were shell collecting beach bums for the day. The kids had a ball and we did too. When we got back to their house, Fab made me Thai food which was fabulous. She is from Thailand and is my age. Erik's Uncle Ted is in his 60s. Interesting. This is his second set of children. His other children(2 boys and a girl) are just a little older than Erik. Erik went to Disney world with Ted's kids and now our kids went to Disney with Ted's kids. Very interesting. Anyway, I love Fab. She is so happy all the time, very hospitable and she loves having us around. We see them at Christmas and when we go down to visit-it has been a couple of years since our last visit. Their children are 4 and 2. Mae is 4, she and Lilly are the same age, but Mae loves Erika more than Lilly or Kayla. She follows her around faithfully. Fab has become a naturalized citizen now so she knows more about our country than 50% of the people who are born here. I think all Americans should have to pass those tests as well. I wanted to talk to Fab about Christ as I think she may be buddhist (or something) but the opportunity never presented itself. If she converted, she could convert a whole country!! They spend about 3 months in the summer in Thailand. I am not sure if Uncle Ted has any religious beliefs or not. This is Erik's Dad's brother, so I know he grew up in church, but not sure if he ever got involved in it.

I can't say I am back to normal, but I am getting there. SLOWLY! On vacation it seemed as though time was stuck on fast forward. Now we are in slo-mo. This has been the longest day of my life and it is still only 3PM!

Erik went back to work today to try to save some vacation days for summer gigs and boating days. I am trying not to take it personal!!

Kids are back to school today with no complaints. They were ready to be back to normal. I am trying to keep the house clean, we left it clean so I just need to maintain. I have a small mount washmore I am working on. I must go do that...or take a tough to choose on a stormy dreary day...zzz


jettybetty said...

Sounds like a really fun trip! I love the beach--I love it!

Ryan and Lesli said...

I'm so glad you all had such a good trip!!

summer said...

glad you had a great trip. it sounds like a good kind of exhaustion!!! take care.

Sara said...

It was great to see your crew at church Wednesday night. I love to hear the excitement of kids after a vacation.