Sunday, March 12, 2006

I am posting a few random facts and thoughts because I don't have much time to post!!

*We had a bad storm here Thursday night. It took out the most beautiful plum tree in the whole world-in our yard right next to our house. Two blessings-it did not fall on our house or our gas lines which it very easily could have AND it is not dead yet so it continues to bloom allowing us to see it in full bloom one more time while we wait for the ground to dry out.

*Our cat is as pregnant as can be, she will surely pop any day now. She is as round as the blueberry girl in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We are so excited to soon have kittens and hopeful to be able to find them all homes!!

*Disneyworld recovery time would be so much quicker if I had some free time!!

*Vacations during girl scout cookie season are not recommended.

*We got our dog neutered while we were gone and he does not appear to hold a grudge against us.


jettybetty said...

Sorry about the tree--I am so thankful you can see blessings anyway! I hate to give my pretty trees, too! I'm just hearing about some bad storms last night--hope you didn't get it again.

After a trip to Disney--you really do need a vacation to recover from your vacation--our experiences there have been wonderful and exhausting.

Perhaps you will get caught up this week!

summer said...

sorry about your tree. it is so frustrating to lose something that took years and will take years to replace.
how exciting about kittens. i prya you find homes for them, too. it is very, very hard to take the "leftovers' to the humane shelter. we had 13 puppies once and only aboout four of them were able to find homes before we had to take the to the shelter. it was horrible. good luck!