Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My scouts turned in large amounts of money to me yesterday. While I was gone there were booth sales (I missed them : ) ) and large amounts of cash had to be counted. Over $3000. I hate counting money. It makes me flash back to a time when a friend and I did a consignment sale for our community- a whole bunch of moms selling clothes, toys, etc all at the same place and we got 30% (really 15% each) for doing the sale. At the end there was sooooo much money to count, it made me a nervous wreck. Plus we really did not mqke that much considering how much time it took to plan, organize and then work the sale. I could never be a banker, it is so easy to make a mistake.

I am still praying about whether to send Lilly to school or homeschool her. It will just be a one year thing if I send her. I am very hesitant about whether or not I can teach her to read. Since I pulled my other two out of school in 2nd and 3rd grade, they were already very skilled readers. My friend Lisa says this is my child to start from scratch on. I prefer non-scratch but I want to do what God wants me to do. Even as I write that I know God would not call me to homeschool and then want me to send one to school. My life is so much improved since we have become a homeschooling family. The homeschooling moms in my support group are like none others I have ever known. There is none of the comparison crap-my little johnny scored higher on that than anyone in the class, how did yours do? They are interested in only sharing thoughts and ideas that work and supporting one another with our struggles. VERY refreshing.
My meeting is tonight, I can hardly wait. One meeting in my life that I look forward to. We are also having a scrapbook night for the ladies in our church that I am going to try to make at least an hour before my meeting. They are similarly located so it should work.

My cat is so pregnant. I have compassion for her and I rub her stomach often. She waddles everywhere she goes. I also don't let the kids hold her anymore. She is very thankful for that I know!!

Today we will attempt to sell all of our extra cookies> we will go to the hospital and to erik"s route and get them gone>

my keyboard won"t let me capitalize or use periods to end my sentences<>have a great tuesday!

by the way< the time is so wrong on my blogs but i love that it looks like i was up blogging at six fiftyeight!! is everyone"s time off? this keyboard thing is driving me crazy_i am off of here!

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summer said...

i know i am not a homeschooling mom, but i would say try it. you can teach her to read. especially since you have such an amazing support network of other moms who have done it. they will help you get through and give you the pointeers they used to teach their little ones to read with. with that being said, i would support you either way you go. i just know that sandy hummel has always said that teaching her children to read is one of her most treasured accomplishments. i know you will feel the same in a year or so. love you,