Friday, March 03, 2006

I may never walk normally again. My legs and feet really ache in a big way. We did MGM on Tuesday, Magic Kingdom on Wednesday and Epcot Thursday. We never waited in line more than 30 minutes for anything. It was sort of hot at Epcot, but mostly the weather has been perfect. Today we went to Downtown Disney. We promised the girls if we did not have to look in any shops in the parks, we could go to Downtown Disney and they could get their souvenirs. So we had to go even though our feet throb. We may never walk anywhere again. Want to go for a stroll-NO!!!

MGM is my favorite park(and Erik's-we love art deco)!! We got to ride almost everything but did not get all the shows in. The Tower of Terror was fabulosa! Rock n Roller Coaster was rockin'. Erik and I got to ride that alone while the kiddos stayed with our cousin Dena who was down visiting her mom and dad. She rode the tower of terror(Lilly's favorite ride) with us and helped us spot some hidden Mickey's. We watched a new stunt show that had Erik as excited as a little girl!!

We rode absolutely everything that was at Magic Kingdom. We had an awesome day!! A magical visit. We rode Space Mtn. twice!! LOVED IT! This was all three girls favorite park. We saw very few characters though! We were too busy running from ride to ride because there were short lines!! We rode he barnstormer in Toontown 3 times-I love that little coaster.

Epcot was hard. We rode Soarin' twice, the first time there was no line but we were on the bottom of the screen and I wanted to be up top so we went right back into line and had to wait about 30 minutes. I m glad we did though, it was 10 Xs better!! The rest of Epcot was hard, Erik and I were really pushing ourselves because we were exhausted. Test Track was great and we loved our German beer and brats! Actually we thought our beer was gross but we drank it anyway cause it cost $7!! We got our picture made with snow white, the one character we saw at Epcot. I can't recap anymore of it. I am going to go have a nap now. Epcot was tough!! Thinking about it makes me sleepy!!

More later!!

Tonight we are going to Shells for seafood. Yum. This afternoon we rest and convalesce.

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