Saturday, January 07, 2006

My two oldest girls had their first upward basketball game today! They are on the same team and shockingly enough-they did have a little teamwork!! They passed the ball to each other!! We were so proud. Erika made two points for her team. Kayla is getting her feet wet, while Erika has a year of experience under her tiny belt. The teams are all so funny!! They just don't know exactly what they are doing but they try sooooo hard. It was wonderful. Erik just so happened to have a day off today, so he was able to be there. Lilly was beside herself, laid across both our laps squirming like a worm in hot ashes. So hard to spectate when you are four and really like attention.

I am still keeping up with the laundry, dishes, & bathrooms!! The rest of the house is in shambles...Baby steps!! So hard to clean when there is always a project(usually art!) happening somewhere...Everywhere. I have decided the school room is not working out and it would be better for us to go back to everyone having their own room again instead. Good thing I did not buy all the things I was going to buy!! We have remained at the kitchen table for school. It is just easier to monitor them there. I can do dishes, laundry, cook and still keep an eye out and be available for questions.

We had such great intentions for what we would do today. We laid around and were lazy, sleepin' in , TV watchin' bums untill about noon when we all got showers and prepared for the 2:30 basketball game. I have no regrets. It was kinda nice to have no pressing plans.

The "diet" is going well. I had lost five pounds over the first week. I hope to have dropped another 5 this week. After I lose about 30, I should be able to begin to notice...haha. I had a sensible snickers bar today instead of a king size one or an entire cake. I shared the snickers with a very sweet 4 year old too...she is happy to oblige my personal cutback on sugar!! I am hoping to start some sort of exercise plan for us as well. We could all benefit from some PE every day!! I checked out Ballroom dancing for beginners from the library, but Erik did not seem remotely interested. We do have quite a height difference to overcome. I think it hurts his back and then there is my lack of being able to follow steps.

Tomorrow we start a new class at church, "How To Love Someone You Can't Stand". Even though I have already done this study with our ladies group, I am gonna do it again, because it is great!!!! I am working on both blessing and not cursing, plus decreasing the number of people I can't stand!! LOL!! Just joking...I really do look for the good in everyone...some people just hide it so well....LOL!! I kill me!!


Ryan and Lesli said...

Glad things are going well for you!! We did the same thing the other morning. It was 1:30 before we got out to get lunch! It was nice though. I LOVE days like that. I think Ryan is ADD because he can't sleep in or sit still long enough to watch TV, but I love it when he lets me!

Hope you had a great weekend & have a great week!!


summer said...

i have been seriously thinking about letting micah play upwords soccer this spring. i would really like to give him an opportunity to be with a group of his peers (other than at church) before he starts school this fall! i can't believe it is getting so close-micah starting school. he is so ready. he's blazing through all the work i give him. ya'll take care.
love ya,