Monday, January 09, 2006

I can't blog long tonight...laundry has inched ahead a little and I must beat it!! Still keeping my head above water on kitchen, bathrooms and laundry. Making tiny progress on piles in dining room...have a dining room table again!! Bar is completely lost. Not doing so well on the diet-but not blowing it either...just making some poor choices due to postponing the grocery trip. FOOD GIANT is soooo close to just run out and buy what we need for tonight instead of making the big haul.

Had our new care group(some churches call them life groups) on Sunday-it was nice. The Deekes, Mrs. Darling, The Williams, and us. It will only be three weeks...I could be with this group for years ( : We are looking forward to "speed care grouping" our way through the church. 3 weeks will be nice to "sort of" get to know people we don't know yet. Our church has so many new families, it is overwhelming in a wonderful way.

Girl scouts tonight and then my Pampered Chef sales meeting. They both went well and I was able to sneak over to my friend Libby's and see her new house...which is gorgeous. I am so happy for her. New hubby, new house, and a smile that reaches her eyes. I love it when life is good. If there wasn't bad, we really would not appreciate the good near as much. She also has a new church ) : It is a wonderful church though-emphasis on children and everyone serves!! I was tempted once upon a time to go there as well. I'm glad I toughed it out. Our church is becoming pretty awesome. "Becoming" has been hard to work through, but worth the wait.

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summer said...

that sounds wonderful for libby. i'm so glad she is doing ok. i let everything get a little ahead of me today since i had such a packed weekend and the girls are sick. oh well. i'll hit it again tomorrow. love ya,