Friday, January 06, 2006

All In A Day's Work

I must say that I am blessed with the best in-laws in the world. It is just phenomenal all the wonderful things they bless us with. I know most people can't stand their in-laws, but mine are great. If she had taught Erik to pick up after himself, they would get 5 stars...instead they have to settle for 4 and 3/4...LOL.

Erik is off today and so we will not attempt school today. I love that flexibility!! It is just to cool and exciting when he is home (and rare). I think I am going back to bed to let him run the show today..haha. I am sure we will find something exciting to occupy our day. I am also blessed with a wonderful husband who not only puts up with me, I think he even loves me. I am completely safe to say whatever I want too-as I have posted before-he is not a reader (of thoughts anyway). He prefers to read about old cars, auctions, old hot wheels, car manuals, etc. He is puzzled by my fascination with blogs and blogging.

I am keeping up with laundry. YEAH! It is about time. I am off to have a lovely day with the fam.

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summer said...

hope you had a wonderful family day. we had bret home today as well. days with daddy home are definitely better than the ones with out him, however, we do not stay on task when he's here. there's probably a lot of good in that. love ya,