Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My husband noticed!!! Last night he said, "The house has really been looking good lately." You could have knocked me over with a feather, not because he noticed but because I was walking on air. It feels so good to work hard at something and have someone NOTICE!! That is one of the reasons I dislike housework, it is undone so quickly that no one noticed. Decluttering has been my answer. Before we had so much stuff, you could not get it put away. Several things had no where to go. So they just stayed out and my house stayed messy. Now that "stuff" is GONE!! This Sunday we will begin Phase II. Getting some much needed home improvements done and making some put-off purchases.

We had an awesome school day today and Lilly managed to eat 6 bites of lunch that she hates. Little victories everywhere. I have gotten up every morning before my children (today was close) and gotten a shower and dressed. One day I even got in some Bible time!!

I think I can say the dark cloud has lifted. I was in a horrible funk, life was rote and routine and I could not stand my life or anything in it. My homeschool support group meeting last month brought me out of it. I think I can safely say someone from that night has been praying for me. I have been praying for me to. I have also been praying for them (it was a small group so it is easy to pray for all of them). I love how faithful God is to give us what we need when we ask him to provide it!! Thank you Jesus for the women you give us in our lives to help us cope!!

I got a phone call from my friend this morning...the one going through difficulties right now. She has made the decision to get baptized!! I am ecstatic. This is such a good thing. She has an entire circle of friends different to mine that this decision will impact. I feel like this is just a drop in the bucket that God can fill with new converts. Hallelujah. I thank God for the tiny little role I have in it. I thank my church for the HUGE role they have had. I feel like I am on the greatest team in the world, you can always find someone to pass the ball to(so to speak). Our church has welcomed this family and nurtured them. It has also inspired me to start think more in Kingdom terms. I have been lost in the Church of ME. What about my needs, where is my clique?, SERVE MY NEEDS! Now I have my eyes open wide thinking, who else God?? Who am I missing that I can invite, encourage and help them get on the path to you. I don't need a clique-I just want to be what you want me to be. I am crying writing that because that has been where my focus has been for so long-fitting in. Maybe not fitting in has made all the difference in his will!! Thank you God for new mercies every day!!


Ryan and Lesli said...

Yay!! :) I am so excited to hear about your friend!! She is so lucky to have you in her life!!

summer said...

wow!!! that is wonderful. i am so grateful that your friend had you there at just the right time to show her the love of christ and direct her to an entire family that could love her and help her through her struggles. you are amazing!

Andy Willliams said...

I say yeah for Eric. I am so thankful that he was able to praise your for the hard work that you have done. Go going Janice and Eric. Continue the good work.