Friday, January 27, 2006

FUNNY THING!!! I though I was sooooo behind in laundry and I was really sweating it. Had Mt. Washmore returned again?? When we were finally done with our entire day's worth of running yesterday, and everyone was washed, fed and tucked in I started working on laundry. 4 loads later...done. 4 loads would have made a small dent before. I am lovin being caught up!! I have friends coming over tonight and very little prep work to do for it!! Why have I been living in CHAOS( for sooo long???

Anyway, life is good. We are uncluttering financially as well and that has its own set of blessings!!

I have lost 6 1/2 pounds...I am resisting the urge to celebrate with a bucket of ice cream and some SUZY Q's.
I am also lifting weights to get rid of my arm flab (I hope).

I am turning 34 in just a few days. WOW, I don't feel that old.

The baptism Wednesday night was great, her husband will be baptized next Wednesday and her 8 year old son is wanting to follow suite!! GOD IS GOOD!! If only we could lean on him before the bottom drops out, but after works out too. We are all to stubborn to rest in his big arms when life is going well!

I have been getting up, bathing, and getting dressed even on the days I really don't want to. I am so much more focused and I accomplish so much more. My kids fight less too. (A little) (That could just be wishful thinking) (Gotta go referee now)

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summer said...

i'm with ya! it feels so much better to be on top of things. its been a while since i have felt as efficient as i have been feeling. there for a while i din't even want to get out of the recliner, so being energized is almost exhilerating. i just hope we both don't crash and burn!!! hang in there!