Friday, January 13, 2006

Monday- girl scout meeting AND Pampered Chef sales meeting
Tuesday-Got girl scout cookie info and began sorting and getting them ready for handing out AND homeschool support group meeting
Wednesday-"Losers" meeting AND church
Thursday-Finished distribution of cookie sales flyers AND attended a Cookie Kick-off event with my girls (about 300+ girls running around dancing, singing to the music of a DJ fueled by sugary snacks-they loved it!)
Friday-Cookie sales start AND must go to grocery as there is NOO food in the house!

I feel a little shell-shocked this week. It has been crazy. It is always crazy, but without so much extra crazy stuff. Through this massively busy week though, I have had many friends call or contact me and really reach out to me. I think it is the Lord working on my insecurities. I really do have alot of friends. I am blessed beyond words. I am a sweater of small stuff. I need to stop that!!

I must get some things done and get to the grocery(Lack of food is not small stuff and I am sweating it!!) on this gloomy rainy day. God's blessings to anyone who stumbles across my musings. HE is faithful!!

Hebrews 3:13


summer said...

ok, so you need to get a spiral notebook, put all you phone calls on one page, make a page and date it for everything else you need to accomplish in chronological order.....hehehehe. just joking! thought that would be a funny reply from the one you sent me (which has worked wonders by the way!!! thanks),
love ya janice,

janjanmom said...

Laugh all you want...the cookie call page (who to sell cookies to,
double spaced cause the girls make the calls) is in a spiral already. My scout call list is in a binder ( ; Some people like Franklin Covey and frills...but I am way too cheap for that!! I like a 20 cent spiral I can tear out pages and start over any time I want. I throw a white label on the cover and call it organized. I also love plain black binders with a white label on the spine. (sale 69 cents-some of them are colored for the same $) It may not look pretty, but I did not spend 30 bucks on it and it gets the job
done. I have a binder for almost every area of my life...some of them have a spiral inside-oh yeah-I am a nerd!!

I wish this week had been stuff to organize-that is was just stuff to be at...some energizing, some listen to two hours worth of stuff I already know.