Saturday, January 14, 2006

What a day!! I am glad it is almost over!! We have food in the house again. We also have almost a hundred boxes of cookies sold and it is only day one...the girls made all the calls and they are doing so well. It is precious to teach them the fine art of telemarketing...don't know what they will do with those skills!! LOL I prefer to think of it as just sales and telephone etiquette.

I am also doing fairly well with dieting. I had gained 3 lbs last meeting, thinking I could just loosely do the Weight Watchers points-that is simply not true. I am doing better now that I am really keeping track. Making better choices too.

One more load of laundry and it is off to bed for me...still keeping up!!


summer said...

you are amazing attempting dieting with 100 boxes of cookies in the house!!! hehehehehe. good luck, (with everything!)

janjanmom said...

They aren't here yet!! I hope I have some serious momentum before they arrive or I will backslide. But if I have lost a bunch, it won't matter because I won't want to undo what I have accomplished.