Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I must apologize for that yellow...I promise not to repeat that color!

I have changed my resolution (can I do that??). I have decided to consciously LIGHTEN UP on myself. I am constantly worrrying about every decision I make-really sweating the small stuff. I set myself up for failure because I just expect to fail ( ie- diets). I second guess almost every decision I make. I worry about being a good parent instead of just enjoying my children. I worry about others NOT thinking I am a good parent. In the end, won't that be decided by my children??? I also really worry about whether or not people like me. I always feel like no one likes me but no one wants to tell me the truth. One of my good friends confided the same paranoia lately (that is what it is). I know I have some friends that love me, they tell me often. Everyone else though, I am always wondering-are they struggling to like me? Am I their "someone they can't stand"? My new philosophy is to just assume everyone likes me unless they tell me otherwise. I have spent many a time wondering, watching and really thinking-Do they like me? Now I will think, can I help it if they don't? No-not if they don't tell me why. Here is your chance...LOL.


Sandy said...

You know, I've wondered the same thing... WHY exactly is that class (How to love someone you can't stand) so full?? There are people who get on my nerves, but generally it's temporary, and there are very few I would actually classify as "can't stand"... in fact, I can't think of anyone off hand. Makes me wonder if there's some big secret I'm not in on... Maybe I'm it- the one they can't stand! Oh well, if I am, please don't tell me and I'll go on living in ignorant bliss. I think that's preferable to going around and not being able to stand people. You can join me, and we'll be ignorantly blissful together!

summer said...

good for you!!! i have to make myself do that, too. i can't think of anyone i don't like. i've really tried at times, but usually its temproary, like sandy. especially since our move to dallas and being around all these upper socioeconomic society people. i like my humble roots and don't want to change them. but in the back of my mind i wonder does everyone else around here accept me and my humble roots or are they secretly thinking "little hill billy?" oh well, i think i'll just join your group of ignorantly blissful people. by the way, i love you both (janice and sandy)!