Monday, January 30, 2006

I guess I am really weird, but I LIKE Mondays. I like the newness of the week. This week I will... It is kind of like the beginning of a new year in smaller more bite-sized pieces. I am also worn out from the weekend and ready to get back to routine. I think my kids like Mondays too, so I am perpetuating the weird in future generations.

I am doing a couple of loads of laundry today. My sock basket has tons of mismatched socks in it. The mates are lost. Today I implemented a sock hunt. I gave each girl a bag and told them to find as many socks as possible. Hampers and drawers off limits, of course. For 40 cents (5 cents per sock and it had to be someone else's-they did not know that rule up front HAHA!!) I got all socks gathered from under beds, behind the couch, in closets. 2 socks were free because of the sneaky rule-but I think Erika had slipped her socks off so it had to be done. We may sock hunt again and I will throw away all unmated socks today.

I have really been enjoying my children lately. We spent all afternoon yesterday playing/working in the yard. It was the most perfect weather!! One of the guys Erik works with was going to take his old mower to the dump but Erik had him bring it to us instead. It is much newer than ours and runs great. People amaze me-some people throw away very good stuff. Erik and I each had a mower going to mulch leaves and catalpa tree pods(UGH! I hate that tree!) We then turned off the blades and rode the girls around and let them steer. They had a ball. We did too. Then we went for an extensive hike in our woods. It was great. I love having our own woods. I don't always love our fifty year old house, but I always love where it sits!!

Grand finale was singing emphasis at church. I was all excited to sing with all my heart but ended up only knowing a song or two and not either one very well. I apologized to God and sort of zoned out-I actually wrote blogs in my head(I MIGHT HAVE A PROBLEM)but can't remember any of them. I get a little frustrated with our songs sometimes. Since I don't read music, it doesn't help to have it in front of me. C of C is very musically educated. I am not at all!! LOL. It was still a good service and we enjoyed the fellowship meal after. We helped set up and clean up. Generally, I just do clean up, but when we arrived at 5:45 the room was not set up so Lilly and I (!) started moving tables, she is strong!! Soon lots of people had joined us and it only took a few minutes to have it ready to go. I love our church!!

Cleanup was fun too, it is usually the same ones of us and I love that fellowship. My girls love to help too. We are training them up to serve with joy.

Girl scouts tonight. The troop voted to scrapbook, should be very interesting!! We are all gonna scrap the same pics from the same events so everyone will have a her own troop scrapbook of things we have done. It will be a good way to save the memories. Some girls will have more things to scrap, because they have been in the troop longer, but I splurged for small scrapbooks that could have pages added!

Cookie forms get turned in tonight as well, so I will be adding up and ordering cookies for the troop tonight. I can't wait (severe sarcasm)! I do hope we have sold alot. I had to hold my own girls back because of our trip being right when cookies come in. We will hit it like gangbusters when we get back!

I am gonna finish that laundry now!! Thanks Summer and Lesli for encouraging me with your own "keeping up with the house" stories. It really encourages me to keep up as well.

Sandy, I loved your blog today!! I tried to comment but it would not let me for some reason.


Ryan and Lesli said... I miss singing emphasis!! PRCC doesn't really do anything like that. Although I love the people at this church, I do miss my home congregation!! Things like singing emphasis & potluck meals are the exact reasons why!!

I love that your girls are in Girl Scouts! I'm also glad they are in KY! :) I have no Girl Scouts around me and my diet is thankful for that. I LOVE Girl Scouts cookies!!!

Hope you have a great Monday!


Ryan and Lesli said...

I tried to comment to Sandy's blog as well & it went off into never never land! Oh well.

janjanmom said...

I could ship the cookies to you...they freeze really well.

summer said...

i'm with you on mondays. sundays almost kill us, so mondays are a welcome slow down of pace. i try to make monday as much of a "collecting ourseves" day as possible (if that even makes sense!). i mean we slow down and don't usually have to go anywhere exept micah's speech at noon. its wonderful!
i, too, miss reidland potlucks and "family" times together. that was and still is the thing i miss most about reidland. spending time with one another. we have our wednesday night meal, but it is catered and...i don't know, its just different. not as anticipating, i guess, wondering who will bring what and...anyway. love you and miss you!

Ryan and Lesli said...

Ooo...shipping them. Now that is tempting!! No, we better not. I know they freeze well. My grandmother use to buy several boxes of thin mints for me. She would have one out and several more in the freezer. Those were the days...when you could eat all you wanted and not gain a pound! Ahhh...