Thursday, January 19, 2006

Blogging from my new laptop, I am finally trying to learn to use it. I will have more time for it now that I have finally finished Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Down. Those books are phenomenal and I want a prayer group like that. I am still trying to figure out which one is most like me. Does anyone else do that when you read a book? I don't know why I went to italics...I must've hit a button or something.

I don't have much to report... getting a little behind in laundry so I am working on that tonight. I will finish it tonight, scouts honor. I have a Pampered Chef party tomorrow night to get ready for and I am preparing for "SPA NIGHT" for my girl scouts Saturday as well. I did the shopping for it today. We are having smoothies so I had to chop and freeze the fruit pieces. All Done now! Just need to plan the agenda and it will be set. ThePC party is next. Get my things ready so I can walk out the door when Erik gets home. I love my job. It is so cool to make money from getting together with a group of gals and cook-two of my favorite things...oh yeah and talk too. (another fave) I will be using my laptop for the first time as well...I think it will be quite the time-saver.

Gotta go...too much to do, I would love to get to bed before 11 tonight. Hi, I am Janice and I have gotten up, bathed, and dressed before 8am for 3 days. 21 days makes a habit or so they say. I had to fight hard to get up today...went to bed tooo late. I want it to be easier tomorrow.

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summer said...

i haven't read that book yet. i guess i need to get it. it sounds like it is a must read.