Friday, December 30, 2005

I now know I am addicted to sugar. Last night sugar plums danced in my head. (Not really...actually my real dream was that my dog Thunder turned into our old dog Balou.) I blame the lack of sugar.

This week of no sugar is proving to me that I can make a choice to do something good for myself. My family has a rich history of diabetes and if I don't succeed with this weight thing, I will join the ranks. I just had my yearly physical (joy) and my blood sugar was perfect...but I know my days are numbered. It hit my mom in her late 30s...I am 33.

I am already losing weight, but I don't know how much...I won't do the math until next meeting on Wednesday. The number is getting smaller though. I don't know why support groups help, but they do. It being three close friends-with the same struggle helps as well. We are hoping to have one more girl join us...she is skinny but she can be an encourager ( : (Have you decided yet??? You know who you are!!) I think every American has food issues though, we live in such a land of excess!!

We are leaving the house today, with several goodies for the Salvation Army. They are such a good charity. My girl scout troop has such a good time working there this summer. They do so much good for so many people. Martha's Vineyard is so good too. Hope Unlimited-WOW. Goodwill, another good one. We are blessed to have some very awesome charities in Paducah. There are even more than that, those are just the ones I have worked with personally.

My friend is doing great!! Thanks for all the prayers you are sending up for her and keep them coming. It is making an eternal difference in her life.

Please continue to pray for the losers too. We really want to be big LOSERS!!

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