Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I have been to church this evening and now my mood is better!! This is a double post, but I am going to try to stay off the computer tomorrow...famous last words. Anyway, after my bath today I put up a promised "clothesline" in the backyard for my kids to play with. I then cut up an old towel into small rags and gave them some clothespins to "do laundry" with. They had a ball. Thank you my friend Lisa for giving me the idea, actually Lisa's girls may have been the one's to think of it. It is so funny how much we spend on toys and electronics and kids really just want to act out life, current or history in their play. My kids have the most fun when we play dress-up or store or something. I recall playing school and office almost non-stop with my sis growing up. The rest of the time I was Barbie and she was Darcy the cover girl. We had no Ken back then(He was around but we did not own one) so we used the George Washington figurine from my Mom's knick-knack in the living room. Once great George was beheaded, but we were able to call in Elmer for the reattachment. We giggled about this at Christmas. I just thought I would share how hundreds of dollars worth of toys were bypased today for some rags and string in the backyard.

Also, January 6 is the Epiphany. Stay tuned and I will let you know what that is. I can't belive all I have learned since I started homeschooling the girls in January. I never realized the history and depth of Christmas. I am pleased to finally be getting my education teaching elementary to my children. Doesn't speak to well for public education-I was an honor graduate, number 12 of 242, 3 years of college. Thankfully, we keep learning forever.

Started a support group for Losers tonight. I am the leader, sort of....Losers is a good thing though...we mean weight and that is good to lose. I have committed to no sugar for one week. Good thing I finished off those red and green M&M's!! I have 5 hours under my belt and I am going to bed. I know I can do it, but I will probably be pretty mean before next Wed. rolls around. Pray for the losers, God knows who we are. (LOL) We are all sick to death of our weight and we are trying to be supportive and help each other through all the crap that surfaces when you start to tackle your weight!!

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