Friday, December 30, 2005

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot...a fellow homeschooler dropped by yesterday AFTERNOON and not only caught me in my pajamas, but my house was in total disarray from laundry, toys and putting up Christmas things. I have decided to try really hard to be neater so that I can enjoy spontaneous visits. I LOVE having people over, but not when my house is completely trashed. It was still a nice visit, but she teased me mercilessly and I really did not like it. I used to do my friend with 2 children that way, before I had kids. I'm sorry Laura. I realy did not understand that having kids and having a neat house were not allowed at the same time! Come on over and surprise me sometime and you can get me back!!

NO SUGAR, HOUSEWORK, LAUNDRY, Jesus...deliver me from this evil!!!!

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