Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I know there is a floor in my living room somewhere...I just can seem to locate it. The school room has suffered an even worse fate as the catch-all for the stuff not gone through yet. Being from an incredibly large family has it's advantages (I use that term loosely)at least if you are a kid. My kids have treasured every moment of Christmas. We are observing the 12 days of Christmas this year for the first time. They will get one present from Dec 26th-Jan 5th...before you think I am nuts and have gone overboard-some of these gifts they will already have received (just not had access to yet) and others will be purchased with Christmas $$ they were given. Something starts on January 6th but we have not gotten to it yet(in our study or the calendar HAHA). We are enjoying our studies of Christmas traditions and their origins. I bought a fabulous book yesterday at Lifeway called The ADVENTure of Christmas by Lisa Whelchel (Remember Blair from The Facts of Life?). Next year we will also celebrate Dec 1-24 in a more spectacular way. It focuses on celebrating the coming birth of Christ(ADVENT) on Dec 25th. Tie that in with the 12 days of Christmas and we are giving Jesus the glory he is due!! She also talks about how instead of complaining about the commercialism of Christmas, we should hold tight to our Christmas traditional meanings and get right out there and celebrate the most important birth ever. It is a great book...and yes, she is a homeschool mom.

I am running on pure adrenaline and carbs as is my custom for Christmas. I have made a resolution to get healthier this year and on through next year. I don't usually make them but I have really been feeling like crap lately. I am the fattest I have ever been and it makes me feel pretty lousy. As soon as I finish those half price M& M's in beautiful red and green, I will begin. PROCRASTINATION is SUCH an ugly word.

I must go now, Mount Washmore is still looming, not quite as large as it has been this week, but still a formidable opponent. I shall go and conquer it!!

First though...some of you may wonder...What did we get for Christmas?

$$$$, my house smells glorious because I got lots of candles (MY FAVORITE!) and a candle warmer, clothes, clothes and more clothes (LAUNDRY!!! ARGHH!), holiday stuff, virtual pets(no new real ones), new games for playstation2 and super nintendo, a portable dvd player, polly pocket stuff, purses, art supplies, jewelry, new boots for Lilly, makeup/lipgloss/bath stuff. I could list more and be more specific-but these are the high notes.

My darling husband surprised me with a laptop!! I will be able to use it at my Pampered Chef shows. It is awesome and we are very excited/clueless to have it. I will be calling one of my more savvy friends to see what to do with it. We will get around to figuring it out when we have a floor in the living room/ clean underwear and a table clear of debris, I mean stuff.

We have been so blessed and I hope you were too! As we start a new year, please don't start a year without Christ. Please let me know if you want to know more about this awesome man who loves you more than any person you will ever meet! He really is the best present of all. John 3:16-17.

What a glorious answer to prayers...my friend and her family have expressed interest in possibly coming to our church(I would be excited no matter what church by the way!)...I am so excited that they may meet the Prince of Peace and really find true joy!!

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