Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I am writing in blue because I feel a little bluesy! My children have gotten so much that they are in hyper overdrive and they are also overwhelmed with keeping up with it all. After lunch I am sending them out to play with sticks in the yard. I know they will enjoy it to. I, too, am overwhelmed with all that we got. It is a little unsettling to have so much stuff. We live in such a materialistic is hard to fathom why we need/have/want so much.

We are reading The Long Winter(Laura Ingalls Wilder) and I am reminded just how much I love that period in history. People were so appreciative of every morsel of food. Kids were lucky to have one toy. If you were a slacker, you probably died through the hard winters. We really have it easy now a days. You don't really have to work very hard to have alot. Success is there for the taking if you are just willing to work a little. People have lost their faith in the only thing that matters. "They are in debt up to their eyeballs buying stuff they don't need to impress people they don't know." As I write that, I think it may be a direct quote from Dave I give credit for it. Merry Excess.

OKAY!!!! I have spoke my piece and had my rant. Now I am going to go start blessing someone else out of our overflow. We will now fill a large box of stuff to take to the Salvation Army or goodwill. It will make me feel better to own a little less than we do right now. My kids will feel much better after they have played with sticks and they will appreciate hot chocolate and a movie!! But first...a soak in a hot bath for me...I don't think they had those in Little House days...poor ma.

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