Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Wow!! I have really been running like crazy since my last post!! Friday was PAC day (our homeschool PE at Paducah Athletic Club) and it was quite exciting. Lots of people were there and I was finalizing all the plans for the Math Camp that was Monday Nov 14th and will have part 2 on Nov 18th. Erik was off because it was Veteran's Day so that always makes our day more fun. He swam with the kids so I did not have to, so that is always a treat, I got to have a gab session with the other moms.

Erika's dance recital was Saturday and they did so good!! They also danced one song at the Hope Unlimited banquet Thursday noght and that was really good too. Their dance teacher is so smart, she has them in all white, white leotards, white long skirts,white hair thingy and flowy white things attached to their sleeves. That makes them look so pretty that you don't notice when they misstep. It is an awesome sight and this time it was about the birth of Jesus so it got the Christmas thoughts going! We have really enjoyed our dance class. Hopefully we can get Kayla back in next time!

Saturday was the telethon and Erik played CC Cohen as well because he is a glutton for punishment. He played there from about 10-12:30 and then played the telethon from 5AM-5:30AM. He got about 45 minutes sleep because he gets excited and can't sleep anyway. We did make it to both church services anyway. We did not do much else though!

Monday was Math Camp and parts of it went great. The multiplication camp was great and the pre-math was too. Addition/Subtraction Camp was a disaster. 11 kids with about 11 different skill levels. Almost all the games/activities I had planned were over their heads, so that always makes for happy moms. It was supposed to be set up for kids who had almost mastered add/sub and needed something to push them to the next level. Alot of the kids involved needed to be taught add/sub so that did not go well. Luckily one of the other moms is going to organize the activities for Friday. The most important thing though, even though some parents were extremely critical, all of the kids had fun and they are excited to come back again!

I woke up today feeling very lousy. My head is full of snot and my throat hurts. We are off to Walmart to get nyquil and I will retire to the couch this evening. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. I have been running non-stop and eating junky food so that usually catches up with me!!

I am glad the storms missed us and I am glad my kids were not stuck in a hall with a bunch of other kids hunkered down and scared to death of a storm. Homeschool has so many rewards! We got school done and had a little storm shelter set up under our table and they just hung out under there (for about 20 minutes) and read books, all calm, no stress. Cameron, the little boy I babysit, said they did not do anything really at school all day and all the kids were freaked out most of the day.

Still working on the TV thing, but today has been an exception because I feel so lousy! I should get in the word instead, I will try that after Walmart!

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