Friday, November 11, 2005

I bet America is the only country whose citizens are more plugged into pretend people (TV, movies) than real people. We fret and wonder over what will happen to Abby on ER while our neighbors lives may be falling apart. We care more about our "friends" on TV than we do our real live friends(or family). I have definitely been more interested in staying home and watching a show(or worse, flipping through all the channels and watching nothing!) than getting out and being around people. I am trying to do better, but it takes alot of thought and consideration. Sadly, sometimes when I am out with people, I talk about TV...that is pitiful! As I am trying to be more useful to God, the character flaws are coming out like you would not believe. Hopefully there will be very little Janice left when he is done with me. If I were not so stubborn, we could have been done with all this years ago. I am trying to break the TV habit but it is very hard to quit. It is so entrancing...gotta get off of here...time for Frazier... I love that Daphne...LOL! Keep praying for me, I am slowly evolving into a real LIFE!

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