Monday, November 28, 2005

Last girl scout meeting till next year!!! Of course, we will be in the Christmas parade Saturday, collecting can goods in the park on Dec 12th, and Christams party on the 19th. But those will be fun things!

I have been a busy little beaver trying to help the people I feel like God has sent into my life. That along with everything else is about to put me over the edge. Now I have done all that is mine to do and I am going to let it all be in his hands. His VERY capable hands. If we can just trust and obey OR obey and trust.

I can't believe how long it has been since my last post. It feels like the days are just being fast forwarded. We had a great Thanksgiving. I enjoyed catching up with my family and planning our Friday shopping. The girls and I decided to give the early bird shopping a whirl. It was an experience!! We will not experience it again. We just are not die hard shoppers and you kind of have to be for that day!! Maybe me and one of the girls, but not all three. It was too much. I did run into Summer Morris and that was neat and totally unexpected. You look great Summer!! Wonderful to see ya! Erika said, "I wish they still went to church with us!" Just want you to know you are missed!

I don't have much time to post, I just did not want go much longer without posting.


summer said...

thanks. it was a suprise meeting you. we were only in town that day, so it was very funny. it was good to see you. your girls are getting so big and very beautiful!!!!! take care.

Sara said...

I guess I was outed last night. Now you know! I do enjoy reading your blog and I am excited to dream about somethings we can do together for the women at Reidland. What was the name of that book again?