Monday, December 05, 2005

Mount Washmore has been downgraded to a small foothill...but I must keep at it today...I've got momentum baby!!

This post will be short and sweet! I am hoping and praying to be teaching a class at church for the new year. I am trusting God will work it all out. I have taken the steps I need to and I trust that HE will make the thing happen when he needs it to. I struggle with church being rote not real. Maybe it is only me and God needs to reveal that to me. I just want something that strengthens me in my daily walk. I love praise and worship, but I long for a soft place to fall when life happens. It happens nearly every day and I long for a group of women to pray and bond with. It is somewhat accomplished through Bible study-but sometimes I feel like a constant interruption. People are on a mission to "do the lesson" and I really think it takes a while to get real with one another and share your life. That is where the encouragement starts. I guess I should go back to Al-Anon...that is kind of the atmosphere I want. My life is just so different now but I do miss that group very much. Of all the churches I have attended in my life, Al-Anon is the one I think is most pleasing to Christ. It is truly loving your neighbor (who you really don't even know) and bearing one another's burdens. I want that for our church and my sisters in Christ. We shall see if it happens. I just can't believe I have been through all I have been through for nothing. There are people whose stories I need to hear and people who need to hear my story. We need a class where those stories and more can be shared and we can help each other be more Christlike in our daily walk. This passion burns so strong in me I can't hardly stand it(about 3 years now!!!)...I feel like I am ignoring God's call on my life...Pray patience and direction over me please!!!!

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