Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Day after Halloween...candy hangover. Erika was a 50's girl, Kayla was a spa princess, and Lilly was a flapper. They were all cute and everyone chose/designed their own costume. They did well. I encourage them to try to be something creative. We walked through Halloween Express and I am almost on board with not celebrating Halloween because of all the CRAP out there. It is really fun to dress up...I don't know why it has to be so gross/sexy/satanic!

Lilly keeps varying between "Is Hallowen over? and "Why do they still have their decorations up, Halloween is over!" She and I spent most of the day together without any other family members. Erik had the big girls with him all day-bonding. Lilly and I have not hung out alone in quite some time and she was quite fun and well-behaved. (Lightbulb-maybe our kids need more one-on-one with us) I got to get my blood sugar checked this morning and also my thyroid. Lilly loves to watch me get bloodwork done. Once they said to her "Do you want to draw Mommy's blood?" and I swear her whole face lit up. She really wanted to. This is the same child that is petrified of the dentist...and shots...and getting HER blood drawn. Doctor Lilly. Blood sugar was great-92-and considering how much candy I have had the last 3 days, that is remarkable. I am a timebomb. My mom developed borderline diabetes at 35. Her mom died of diabetes about age 38(Times were different then though). I have every intention of losing weight, getting more organized and becoming a better housekeeper. I am trying to do it real slow though, otherwise I might come across too haughty. Hopefully no one even notices my great efforts, it keeps me humble.

Working on our Social Studies fair project. We have decided projects and now just must do them in the next week. The report parts are fairly easy. The projects gray your hair up. Tomorrow is a new day and I am glad. Thank you God for giving me new mercies every morning. I'm already negative by about noon(as in outta mercies, but otherwise too sometimes!) Had a wonderful friend pray with me via phone today about the chaos within me lately. I have felt better ever since. I am so glad God answers prayers. It is wonderful to be prayed over. Please pray over me this week. I try to take one day at a time, but lately several days have attacked me at once...LOL...but seriously, I know what that means. I have permission to call her again tomorrow if I need to. Not sure what is wrong with me, it is not timed right for PMS and it is not a MAGNESIUM deficiency!!! (That stuff will give you bad diarrhea if you already have plenty in your system, really, trust me. I read a recipe for tincture...it has herbs and alot of vodka. But you only take a few drops, maybe that is what my deficiency is Vodka-I mean tincture. Don't worry, I have too many vices already to add another. Have a blessed rest of the week.


summer said...

i understand your pain. i have spent most of my life trying to let everyone think i am a superhero. recently i have been knocked off my platform and i am being taught that i don't and never will have it all together. my feeble attempts are only an intimidation to others who actually believe my lie and pain to myself who knows what i really am. it is kinda freeing to just be. hard, but free. i am so proud of you for working so hard to be the best you can be for yourself and your family. hang in there. and give yourself a break. you really are doing great!!!

janjanmom said...

Thanks darling...we prayed for you today in bible study. I have vowed to never forget the hard physical years of having babies and toddlers. Everyone calls it the easy years but they are incorrect. It is hard to be fun and entertaining when you are running on not enough food, sleep, adult conversation, grown-up activities,and on and on. IT is challenging, but oh so sweet when you put in a full day of it. It is a good exhaustion!! IT does get easier. I pray peace and good friends for you often. I miss you and thanks for the kind words.