Sunday, October 30, 2005

My husband is watching his first ever NFL game. The Titans at Nashville. He wanted me to accompany him, but instead is with a friend from work. I felt no guilt about it at all until Terrell preached today about how men want their wives to share hobbies with them.

Sports really are just games!! They don't really provide anything except a way to spend alot of time and money at the same place. I like sports for kids, it teaches them exercise can be fun and how to be a team player. It has also ruined many lives when Mr. Baseball wasn't "good enough" to make it. Many men have carried that not "good enough" label with them ever since. Maybe I just don't like the fans, they cuss at the ref and complain about how the coach does, so and so did not do their best and all from the comfort of a bench. Having played basketball, I know you can practice your butt off and still miss an easy shot. I am loosely comparing my MSchool basketball career with the college and pro level, but they are just people too. We have some really high expectations of our sports heroes. I really respect the kind of fan my husband is (at least when I am with him!). He just appreciates the game. He may be disappointed with a loss, but he doesn't rant and rave and carry on.(maybe a little) All that really does is just alienate everyone sitting around you. What you hear at high school games is just brutal though because those boys have egos and self-esteem all wrapped up in the game and so do Mom and Dad! Bottom line though, alot of money and time spent on something so futile, I just don't get it. I suppose I never will. I like to watch the cardinals play baseball (live only!!) because it usually means we are in St. Louis which is one of my favorite cities. The baseball isn't the end all for me is more like eating your brussel sprouts so you can have dessert.

Trunk or treat tonite at church. I am very excited! We will have a big fire...I love when our church has a fire and everyone sings around the fire. I think beside the God-sized hole in me is a firesized hole!! I just feel safe and secure, and happy around a fire! It is way cool. I love seeing all the kiddos run around in their costumes too. My kids have been excited about it all week. They can barely wait. Lilly willingly took a nap so it would be time to go when she woke up, I think! I need to get off of here!! There is work to be accomplished.


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