Thursday, November 03, 2005

Today was Bible Study day, always uplifting!! We have completed our study ) : I am sad to see it go because I did not get into it like I wanted to, the bookwork anyway, I always discuss. I am always starved for conversation since my husband is soooo chatty. It is OK though, he has other redeeming qualities (good father, good husband, good work ethic, enjoys family type things, slow to anger, dimples, handsome) These are just in case he were to read this-I don't think he would though. Men of few words don't really like to read things-too many words. Funny but true story. I should start by saying that his mail route is all businesses, so he makes small talk all day long. He is completely out of words when he gets home, so we don't expect alot of conversation from him. I think that is why God gave Erik 3 girls-so he would not have to talk!! The other day he worked hisday off on someone else's route. He came home and talked almost nonstop all the way through supper. After supper, one of the girls commented that Dad sure was talking alot. I laughed because I had noticed it too and I told her that normally Dad used all his words up at work and did not have any left over when he got home. I further added that on this day he only saw 2 people on his route, so he had lots of words to use up before bedtime. He really laughed then, I think because there was so much truth to it and he knew it!! It is ok though, he used to be very shy before he delivered mail. He has alot more self confidence than he used to. Now he doesn't talk because he prefers not to, not because his self-esteem won't allow it. It is a good change.

The girls and I went to Burger King today after dropping off some things at the consignment sale. An interesting thing happened there. God taught me a lesson in impressions, specifically wrong ones. I actually saw my family through someone else's eyes and it occurred to me how I would have judged us...lost and wordly. There was only one other child there besides us and he was with his grandmother. We made the usual chit chat about how kids love to scream, be loud, and play really rough sometimes. Then Lilly starts banging on the big plexiglass tunnel window, but with a distinct beat. I said, "You can tell her daddy is a drummer!!" She said, "Oh, so he practices at home alot, that must be interesting." I said, "Oh no, he is in a band and they play out alot so he doesn't have to practice." The next thing I know my girls are having a "dance party" on the top step platform of the play area and doing every dance move they know and singing "do-it, do-it, whoo whoo do-it do-it whoo whoo" loudly. They were doing the swim and the twist and every other move they could think of. She spoke to me no more. She did not even look my way again, but busied herself in a some papers she had brought. I wanted to say, hey, wait a minute-my kids are referring to the dances they are doing...they don't know what "do it" means and my husband is in a band with Lew Jetton and they are all family guys with other jobs not party-all-nighters. I wanted to say, "We are Christians and I just came from Bible Study!!" I said nothing though. I sat there, wrongly judged and felt bad for all the times I had jumped to conclusions in judging other people. God quietly worked on my heart while someone else proclaimed me not worthy of conversation. I have not had that happen to me in a long time. I think I had forgotten how bad it feels, even if it is a stranger you will never see again. I walked out of there a different person. God help me to show your glory and your UNENDING mercy in everything I do. I want to always have WWJD branded in my heart. He would never make someone feel less than. He died for all of us. We should stop to remember that more often. I know I will. Even the people who smell bad, have gross dirty hair, have "F*** YOU on their shirt. If Christians who are called to love don't love them anyway, who will?

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