Saturday, October 29, 2005

Today has so far been a very leisurely day. Not because we don't have tons to do, but I can't seem to get my lazy butt in gear!! Our first obligation today is not until 6PM when we are off to a bithday party. We need to finish up our Social Studies project which goes into the fair on Tuesday. The school room is in shambles again and must be dealt with!! Not to mention most of the housework has been let go. I had a cleaning frenzy on Tuesday/Wednesday and then nothing. Feast or famine, that is my way! IF I could do a little everyday it would accomplish so much more than working like a dog for a couple of days and then ...nothing. There is just so much day to day, cooking and cleaning up after meals 3 times a day (or more) and chipping away at mount rushmore. Monitoring bathing, teeth brushing, clothing tossing, school working. NOW I AM CRAWLING BACK IN BED FOR A NAP....If you have a plan than works, email it and I will study it intensely and do none of it. LOL

I am off to the shower to wash away this mood and emerge smelling like safeguard and having a new attitude. (Instead of bad breath, yucky hair and the lazy's) Pray for my children today, that their mom emerges with a shred of energy! Thanks for letting me rant a little. I promise I'll be more interesting.....LATER.

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