Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Life with a four-year-old is like a box of chocolates...you never know what you are going to get. One day Lilly polishes her halo, being on her best behavior. She is helpful whenever she can be. Other days, she is the exact opposite-polishing her horns and making messes everywhere she wanders. The whole thing is making me a little crazy!! At first my automatic reaction to her misbehavior was that she needed more attention. This does not appear to be the culprit. The behavior is almost completely random. I believe I have to chalk it up to moon cycles or growing pains. When shutting the closet door tonight, I looked at her little white cowboy boots that she loves so much and my heart ached. They are so little! I had to hug her extra tight while tucking her into bed. I know I am going to blink my eyes and they will be big stinky tennis shoes or white prom pumps and I know this(age 4) too shall pass.

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