Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Much, much better day today!! I still haven't gotten caught up, but God has comforted my soul and that was what was needed most! Mount washmore is not so tall. I have all of the camping things put away and most of THAT laundry finished. Camping really was great. We spent most of the time there with Alison and Justin and their kiddos. They had a ball playing in the dry streambed running through our campsite. We also hooked up with Kip and Jennifer and their trio a time or two. We played a massive kickball game with some fellow Reidlandites!! I thought I was sore from playing, but as I played Sat and was less sore Sun, I decided it had to be horseback riding that made me sore. I am very glad...kickball is not a very strenuous sport!! I can't believe how many people we ran into that we knew. Erik saw a woman he used to work with that he had not seen in 20 years!! I still prefer camping in more primitive, less populous areas, but I do like the safety of Hillman's Ferry!

My girl scouts were totally wild today. I have not checked, but I suspect there may be a full moon! That does make children a little restless. We made it through and manged to get our work done anyway. We had an awesome school day, accomplished alot! I hope we do as well tomorrow. Still praying for gentleness, that is what I need most! A soft answer turneth away wrath...I would not know, I don't think I have ever given one!!

Pampered Chef party tomorrow night. I am very excited! This is becoming a very busy month. YES, you should have a show!! This is a subliminal message...you deserve a show, you should definitely call me and book a show. Everyone is having shows and getting free stuff and doing Christmas shopping...you should too!! It will be a fun show! Lots of my Metropolis buddies.

I better get off of here. A few loose ends to tie up and I am off to dreamland. Seize the day and get rid of some of your "stuff", you know you have too much. That reminds me, one of my favorite blogs has a George Carlin bit about stuff...he has some off color words, but has a really good blog! www.dancingwithkatrina.blogspot.com I think!! If that doesn't work, just put dancingwithkatrina over chefjanice at the top of this page and that will get you there! Have a great Tuesday!

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