Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I enjoy choosing my color as much as writing the blog. Brown is fallish, so since I am very much enjoying fall I will use brown. Our weather lately is so great. You can still wear shorts and summer clothes during the day and then throw on a sweatshirt at night (or tough it out!)

I had a great show last night, but forgot my crescent rolls!! It was my 101st show and I have not ever done that...forgot an essential ingredient! My hostess ran to the store and got them so it was not a big deal, embarrassing, but not a big deal. I'm glad I decided not to become a policeman or something!(forget my gun or where I parked the car)LOL!

Spent part of the day today cooking Summer's recipe of italian beef which was wonderful!! Thanks for sharing it Summer! Served it up on rolls with swiss cheese. Erik & I thought it was great. My kids complained the whole meal. I can't really complain because they eat all sorts of veggies, even asparagus and boiled okra(!!). They are just not receptive to new things and that is very frustrating!! Erika and Kayla are more likely to experiment than Lilly who really just wants hot dogs or any sort of pasta dish.

Not really alot to say tonight. I am working on snowman poop(You've been bad, so here's the scoop, nothing for you but snowman poop-mini marshmallows!) and reindeer food(oats and colored sugar) for my homemakers fundraiser bazaar. The bazaar is Nov 5th and I don't want to do my usual put of till the last minute thing! I am going to work on them a bit tonite and then try to get to bed at a decent hour.


Tony said...

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Jason Smith said...

Hey, thanks for the comment posted on my last blog discussion. I didn't think anyone would respond. My assignment is now over and I probably will not post again, although it was somewhat fun. Catch you later.