Wednesday, September 07, 2005

We did camp in our backyard Sunday night, we had alot of fun. We did not use an air matress though and Erik and I were really sorry the next day when we were sleep deprived and sore. We worked on our trail and made sure it was all clear again, a couple of trees had fallen so it was hard to keep mowed. The girls gathered firewood from the woods and really had a great time. We roasted hot dogs and smores for supper and breakfast(healthy!!!) and the next day, we went to Jerry and Martha's and spent the Labor day with them and grandma. The kids played so good together and were exceptionally well behaved all day. Lilly invented a game of throw the ball into Thunder's water bowl (we took him with us as well...he loves his grandparents, they give him bones!!). We were all taking shots to see if we could hit the water bowl with the ball. It was very fun. Then we played hot potato while she sang almost every song she knew. The best things in life are family.

Our church is doing a hurricane relief effort, collecting supplies and money to deliver to Starkville Chuch of Christ in Mississippi so they can minister to some of the smaller towns that are hurricane devastated/demolished. I am glad to finally be doing something. I wish I could go and help. It hurts me to see people so devastated and not be able to just pitch in and help. We don't have alot of money, but I can always work.

Well I suppose that closes me out today. I am cleaning house, cleaning out closets and going through clothes. Me thinks me will be blessing some people and the Salvation Army with alot of "stuff" this week and next!! Please leave comments!! I know you are out there.....


Anonymous said...

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summer said...

it all sounds so fun! i have been out of town for the last week with my family and have not been able to post. i'm so proud of you. you have been so involved with church and your children. i know it can be exhausting. hang in there on the hard days and keep enjoying the good ones! see ya!