Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I went and picked up my items from the consignment sale tonite. I refused to bring them into the house though until I know where they are going next. There is another sale coming up, but it is not until later in October and I am not sure I can hold out that long. I may start much trouble. I've thought about having another yard sale even though I had sworn off them forever. I should probably just pass what I can to someone else and take the rest to the Salvation Army and feel good about it!! I hate yard sales, if you factor in your hourly wage pricing and working, you make about $2 an hour and you still have stuff at the end of the day. I digress......always.

We had a much better school day today, I have insisted the girls and I must all enter the school room at the same time so there is some structure. Today we were prompt at 8:30 after everyone getting showered and dressed. That may be a record for us, factoring in showers and getting dressed. If we school in our pajamas, we can get going about 7:30. I feel like they need to be dressed and ready to take on the world though, so we don't do jammy school(except me sometimes!!). There are those days occasionally though. We start out saying the pledge every morning and then saying a prayer. The girls do most of their work independently but we do some fun extra stuff together. We researched famous women in History on the web yesterday...I had never heard of Sarah Winnemucca before...or Ida. B. Wells...or the Trung Sisters. I, I mean, the girls are learning alot!!

My bedroom closet looks like a closet now and there are some empty spots if we need them!!! WOW. I am really making progress, eating the elephant one bite at a time. I can't imagine how we have accumulated so much stuff since my last decluttering when we moved here. Maybe I will inspire Erik to clean out the garage LOL!!! I have an ulterior motive though, Erik said when the house is neat and organized we can get chickens which the girls and I really want!! He said that so smugly, thinking it would be impossible for me to makes the progress that much sweeter. CLUCK CLUCK BAGOK! Here chicky chicky!! We start with chickens and then fence off the property for horses...neigh, neigh(at least that is what Erik says)! I mailed our horse groom letter of application today...I bet I will never hear a word from them. I should probably find out what a horse groom does!! I hope it is what a human groom does!! Holding down a couch and testing remotes would be a nice change of pace, LOL! LOL! I repent of that male bashing joke (notice I did not delete though)!

I must go now, still going to squeeze one more load of laundry in tonite...mount washmore is a small hill right now but I know the laundry multiplies while I sleep.

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