Thursday, September 29, 2005

Conviction...I have decided is good in the worst sort of ways!! I am glad my heart is soft enough to think of myself not everyone else who should be hearing it, but I am my own worst critic. I feel like I have so many flaws, I can't work on them all-so I just let them all run amuk until the C word comes along. I have decided to pray for God to reveal the one I need to work on most-no help from the audience please!! I shall take them one at a time and by the time the Lord returns I will have at least gotten to the big one...LOL. This all comes from my Thursday morning Bible Study. I really thought studying the Old Testament just would not be very relevant to my life and I could keep away from the big C. I think this may be the worst one since Breaking Free, I guess I didn't..again LOL.

On a lighter note, we had a really neat day, which ended up not being a school day. Oh well, that is one of the best features of homeschool, we can customize school to fit our lives sometimes. We enjoyed the company of some fine Bible Study companions for lunch plus a couple of Tommies and a Phillip. Lunch is always better with good company. Just you wait till you see the famous Jane White as a redhead...Lynn Nagel called her sexy and then was rebuked by my daughter Erika for saying a bad word. I suppose it is time to have the next talk...9 is so innocent...I don't want to lose that. We then took Erik some KFC for lunch and then did some exploring downtown which always includes The Chocolate Factory. I must add too that I went to Bernard Lewis for some adjustment things on my ring and Shirley was so patient and loving with my children!! She let them sit in the chairs like big people and pick out (AND HOLD!!) jewelry from the case!!! I was dying a little inside, but we are lifetime customers for sure. She never lost her cool a bit and made 3 little girls feel like the most important customers in the world!! Sidenote, if you go there to buy a ring, it has probably been kissed by Lilly. I don't know why, such a busy, creative little mind at work(overtime most days!)!!

Erik is at the Four Rivers Center tonite playing to an empty center, no doubt. It is a Hurricane Relief Benefit that was not publicized at all. If Erik was not playing there, I would not have known. Some things get so much airtime it makes you crazy and then others things just slip by and you never heard of them.

I must get back to it now, I have much to ponder as I sort through the paper clutter of our lives. Any helpful hints on how to tame the PAPER BEAST would be greatly appreciated!! I have, no exaggeration, 6 piles in there to sort through. We may have a bonfire this weekend, I will have plenty-o-kindlin'

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