Sunday, September 25, 2005

I feel like I should blog twice today!! Once to catch up from last time and once for our very busy day today!! Since my last post I have hauled about 100 lbs of stuff from my home!! Clothes, toys and "stuff" mostly. I was like a chicken with its head cut off (I have seen a chicken with its head cut off when I was about 7 or 8 years old and they really do run around crazy for a while so the desciption is very fitting. My sisters and I watched the whole chicken slaughter ordeal but no one was hungry for supper LOL!) I am absolutely making some progress. I am hoping to have our school room ready by the end of the week so we can have a cool place to do our work instead of a dining room or messy/cluttered school room. It is so true that you cannot organize clutter and make it neat-you just have to grit your teeth and pitch it!! Clothes are our biggest struggle because although I have all girls, they all have very distinct styles they like and the sizes are not falling just right. Therefore we have alot of clothing!! Oh and craft supplies!!!!!!! Once I get some other spaces cleaned out and pared down I will again visit the clothing and crafts scenario for a final mass exodus.

I am applying for a job as a family unit. It is for horse groom. I don't know what exactly that is but they could get five for the price of one if they are willing to train us. Maybe it will cure the horse fever burning in my girls right now. They want a horse sooo bad. Their riding lessons are going well. Mrs. Lynn complimented them both on how quickly they are learning. We fed the ponies sugar cubes after lessons and that was fun! We were all completely dripping with sweat and smelly, that was not so fun.

Last night (Friday) we had Ladies Night Out at church. It was not a huge turnout, I think there were nine of us, but I enjoyed it so much. We answered "getting to know you" questions and ate. We all laughed alot and really learned more about each other than we wanted to. I love laughing!! I love still being a kid at heart. We also discovered just how lucky our husbands are because we are a really cool group of ladies.

Today and tonite we did the BBQ festival!! It was not busy when we arrived about 2:15, but when we left at 8, it was WALL-TO-WALL!!!! Erik's sister Marla is in from Ohio. Alyssa came with her and brought a friend. Mitch drove up from Freed-Hardeman in Nashville for the first time. He is doing so great. It is really tough to become a grown-up. It is so easy to forget what that transition was like!! The whole family was able to hear Erik's bands today. Both bands played great and while it was very hot, there was a very nice breeze all day. We walked miles and miles. The girls fell asleep as soon as their little fresh-from-the-bath-wet heads hit the pillow!! I probably will too. I know Erik will as well! He has been hard at it since Thursday helping bands get in and out with their equipment, on and off stage and also playing twice today. He will be exhausted!! That is all for now, I will try not to be so late posting again!!

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