Monday, September 12, 2005

I am running out of exciting colors!! The weekend was very eventful! They always are. Spent Sat morning yard saling and then the rest of the day in the town of Mayfield, birthday party, visiting a favorite friend, and grocery shopping. It was kind of neat to break up our normal routine. Erik was working and then went to the Metropolis Blues festival to hang out and then play. He was off his normal routine as well. We all need that from time to time. As a result I am alot more focused on cleaning up and cleaning out today and also being more regimented with school. We started late almost every day last week and today we were going by 8:30!! 8am is my goal since we are all pretty much early risers, will probably change that as the days get shorter and there is less to do outside. We worked on getting the pool cleaned up and ready to store and also made a garden harvest...not much more coming except OKRA!! We did not even plant okra and yet we have a bumper crop of it. It just dried out last year and planted itself. I had meant to plant pumpkins this summer so we could grow our own, mostly because it is fun and secondly because they cost so much!! Oh well, we will go to one of the farm places and take a hayride or something.

I am so ready for fall. Last night I was invisible at one point because there were so many mosquitoes on me!! We killed one that was the size of a turkey. Lilly has a leash on one she caught and is forcing it to have a tea party with her today. Can't wait for a cold snap and mosquito killing frost. I digress, I am excited about fall though. I love hayrides and sweatshirts. I also love bonfires and campfires.

I am trying to get ready for a big consignment sale and also bless the Salvation Army (and my family because we will have some open spaces in the house!!) So pray for me as I continue to declutter and get a little more organized!! Have a great Monday and throw/give away at least 15 things you don't need everyday!

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