Thursday, September 15, 2005

Randy Bridges asked our Sunday school class, "What is your passion?" I did not have an answer. I wanted to say Christ and telling people the good news, but I don't think I can claim that without some major life modification. I finally decided it is family, probably more specifically, my children. They influence almost every decision I make. I can imagine there will be a day when that is not true, but right now they are so dependent. I love it when they do things independent of me. I love the little glimpses I get of their little personalities. I hope they grow up to take full advantage of God's will and plan for their lives, not rebel off the charts like I did!!

On a lighter note, my second passion is a bargain!! It has to be something I need or will use. I see lots of things at yard sales that are cheap and very nice, so definitely a bargain, but I only buy things I need or someone I know is looking for. My children are developing the same passion. A few days ago I received a check for $20 from Walgreens. All I had to do was refill a prescription or take a new one there. All I had to offer them was my synthroid (very cheap!!) and due for a refill. I will transfer it back to Reidland Pharmacy somehow though-I love them(and we are kind of fanatical about doing business with local owned not chains)!! So last night before church we went to Walgreens and took advantage of the $20. The presription was $3.01. We got 3 bottles of shampoo, 1 insect repellent, 1 new lipstick for mom (quite a splurge, I have been scraping the bottom of my tube with a Q-tip for quite some time!) and then they had all these coupons for items that were 39 cents and you could get up to 3. We did not need anything besides the items I already listed. So I looked for things we would use. We got ziploc baggies, 3 cans mandarin oranges, 3 cans pineapple, 3 small legal pads, 3 rolls of tape, 3 vienna sausages(yuk!but my kids love em), 3 small mead notebooks, 1 AJAX cleaner. The cash register rang up $24.67 They had also sent me a $2 off your first purchase at Walgreens-so I used that first. 22.67....minus my $20 check........grand total......$2.67. 4 BAGS OF STUFF!! Even though I only needed shampoo, insect repellent and lipstick, (and the med)we will certainly be able to use everything else as well. My total expenditures at Walgreens were $2.67 + 3.01 for my prescription for a total of $5.68. You should have seen the little girls face that checked us out....she kept saying "You did good!" I still feel giddy. I won their marketing game. I can never go there again. I LOVE LOSS LEADERS!! This is probably my best bargain story ever, although there are plenty of stories!! Please comment with your best bargain story.

I realize some people can't get into the whole bargain thing...Erik does not enjoy it at all-he is MAN WANTING OUT OF STORE-buy what I came for and leave...but he is better than he used to be. I have told him look up and down not right in front of you and it WILL be cheaper. Although straight across for him is up HAHA(he is very tall). However, bargains are a great way to be good stewards of the money God has so graciously allowed us to enjoy. Have a great day!

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