Monday, October 03, 2005

Okay, quick catch up! Friday, horseback lessons for the girls went well. Another week of not attending Paducah Athletic Club for fighting(within our home, not at the club, this is a very effective thing to lose when they cannot stop fighting). Friday evening the girls spent with Memaw and Papaw because Erik ahd a gig and I had a Pampered Chef party. Saturday, we spent the day at my friend Jennifer's house "helping" and I use that term loosely, with her yard sale. We did have wonderful adult conversation...such a rarity for us both with children 24/7 and the kids played fairly well together. Good friends are such a treasure and she is a lovely person. Saturday night, SCHOOL BUS RACES-those of you who know me well know this was Erik's idea, but I did enjoy it, despite myself. SIDENOTE-I saw Kenya and Kelly Estes there and later leaned they sponsored one of the buses!! You will have to ask them how the race went for them! It was quite a hit with my girls as well, a pink Barbie bus was favored, but the batman bus was very well liked as well. The peace and love bus was not peaceful or loving, in fact it caused a lot of wrecks, just like the peace and love movement of the 70's!!LOL!!!. We were all exhausted to get home at almost midnight and church the next day! Once I got over the waste of all that gas(round and round and for WHAT??!! No I never was a cruiser in school either!) and the horror of people cheering when there was a wreck (I still don't understand...I could cheer for that if they were remote control vehicles with no people inside! I laughed a little after we heard the driver was out and ok!) I will never really be a race fan for the previous reasons but it was kind of fun and hopefully none of my teeth will loosen as a result!! LOL, but admittedly a little mean...sorry.

TODAY was awesome though! I was Becky's helper for Bible hour and that was just great! We had a huge class today and there was not a dull moment, but it was alot of fun and the boys and girls were so good. I love this age!! They are just so happy to be included! We should all enjoy life as much as 2-5 year olds do! The world would just be a better place if the highlight of our day was helping put up scissors or turning the light off!! ANYTHING to help!!
We then went to my Mom's for a wonderful dinner and helped her trim her shrubs. They look better, not perfect but improved. THEN, we went to my favorite place in the world....Homeplace 1850 at LBL. It was teacher appreciation weekend so we got free admission. YEAH! I just love that time...I do love technology but America was so much better when she was young. With each passing decade we grow more sinful and hateful. If time travel ever becomes possible, I am going back and I will work like a dog and die young of the flu, but life and family will be great!! Now I am getting off here and going to bed. I will be asleep when my head hits the pillow!! Have an awesome week.

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summer said...

sounds wonderful!!! hopw you have a great day and rested well last night!