Monday, August 27, 2012

The Blessing: A Review

This book is very challenging for me.  It is funny, not haha-but interesting, that I see the truth in unconditional love and yet I find it hard to believe.  I crave it and yet have a hard time giving it away.  Unconditional love is just such a foreign concept in this day and age.  You would think it should be common with the advent of permissive parenting.  It seems as though ANYTHING GOES! parenting would definitely be a by-product of permissiveness, but instead it creates children that it is hard for anyone to love in any way, much less unconditionally.

Our children need us to read this book, believe it, write the truths on our hearts and incorporate it into our day to day lives.  Blessing our children with the gift of unconditional love is the key to children with strong hearts and minds.  What this country needs in this day and age is fewer children loved with 'stuff' and more loved with the act of blessing. 

I desperately need to keep re-reading this book until it begins to sink in and become a habit.  I hope every other parent out there will do the same.

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