Monday, February 27, 2012

Soul Food

Sometimes I forget to feed my soul.  That part of me that needs to be nourished with positive, loving words.  I need to remember that I am who God says I am: forgiven, His, blameless because of Christ, imperfectly perfect, chosen to love the world with the love of Christ, an encourager, a warrior for truth, defender of the defenseless, lover of the unlovable, keeper of the faith.  I so often default to all the other things that comprise me: selfishness, anger, judgementalness, critical, hateful, haughty, prideful, broken, blamed.

What I really need to do to feed my soul is to plug in daily to the Word of God and pray to the God of the universe.  I need to surround myself with people who love me with the Love of the Lord.  People who overlook my many faults and help me do better, love better, act better all through the amazing act of encouragement...not the act of judgement and criticism.  It is so amazing how easy it is to discern when someone truly loves you and wants better for you and when they just sit in judgement and pride.  Dear God, please rebuke me without gentleness when I am prideful and judgemental to other people.

So, today, I am feeding my soul.  AND, getting caught up on some neglected chores.  Don't forget to feed your is so hungry.

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