Friday, November 04, 2011

Randomly Odd

Well, you can imagine the brain overload I have been experiencing.  I have written 75 blog posts in my head.  They are just bump around in there because I have not let any of them come out.  It makes me just a tad today I MUST get some of the words out.  Don't expect anything grand though.  Obviously at some point quantity wrings quality's scrawny neck.

  • I met a friend (and her lovely daughters) and my sister for lunch the other day.  They did not know each other.  I had to leave them and get back to work.  That means they finished lunch together after I left.  I hope they loved each other as much as I love both of them...I wish with all my heart I could have wasted the afternoon away with them.
  • I still love my job and I am glad I have one so flexible.  However, the days after a holiday is really tough!!  I really dread the days after Thanksgiving!
  • I'm going to see Prairie Home Companion!!!  I have been a fan for many years and I am so stoked!!  I just love radio shows and can't wait to see it live on stage!  Really!!!!!!  My hubby is awesome!!!  Can you tell I am excited???
  • Today is my mom.s birthday.  She is 68.  I have my fingers crossed that good moods abound today. ( :
  • I gotta stop and I am grateful to have spilled out a few words.  Maybe now I can remember all the things I have to get accomplished today.


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