Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Have A Blog!

That is just a reminder to myself.  I have been using all spare time to play the most addictive game ever: Words With Friends.  On Facebook.  Very detrimental to the blog.  DETRIMENTAL...hmmm, in the right location...oh, sorry.  I drifted.  It is a very invasive game.  You start building words into your vocabulary that you will never use in polite conversation.  QI.  CLAVIC. CHORINE.  These don't even look like real words, but they are.

So, anyway, here I am back to the blog...waiting for everyone else to take their turn, LOL JK...not really.  I am escaping from the real world right now.  Don't misunderstand, I am totally on top of most all of my responsibilities.  I am gliding along my check-off list in a most efficient manner.  It is just that my heart isn't really in it.  Too many complicated and unpleasant things going on just below the surface.

 So, in order to keep on with the escaping...BULLETS!!
  • Laundry is hell on earth.  It just is.  It is my least favorite chore and yet somehow is the best way possible to bless the family.  Love is spelled C-L-E-A-N   T-O-W-E-L-S. (also sheets, underwear, uniforms, jeans, etc.)
  • Having a 90 pound lab as a house pet is a challenge.  She is so sweet but also, so needy.  She is always giving me her paw.  Sometimes with such force that my eyes water.  AND THE HAIR.  She has alot of hair.
  • I am definitely pre-menopausal.  My emotions are so wild and woolly.  I can't even tell you for certain if I will be happy or sad this afternoon.  Or in an hour.  The mood swings are very exciting.  I like to think of myself as being even-keel.   However, the whiplash from all these emotions all the time is quite a wake-up call.
  • Sometimes I play the 'when' game.  It goes like this:  When I finally get caught up on laundry...    When mom finally doesn't have to go to the doctor so much...   When I finally get everything organized...   When payday gets here...   When cross country is over...  When the weekend gets here...
  • The saddest thing about the 'when' game is that it is very deceptive.  It sort of makes you think that something somewhere is going to ease up.  It isn't.  The 'when' game cheats me out of the enjoyment of the here and now.  This is what it is.  I need to be soaking up the busy, soaking up the leisure, soaking up the whatever.  BECAUSE, this is the stuff life is made of.  Hidden in the cracks and crevices of the busyness of life is where joy is found.  Soemtimes I just forget to look.  Sometimes, I'm too busy to bother to look.  Then I am forced to face life without any joy.
  • I can totally alright with not having BBQ again for about a hundred years.  Between the funeral BBQ and then BBQ on the river, I am all set for a good long time.
  • I am reading The Help.  What an amazing book.  I am so ashamed of some of my southern roots.  I hate that some of  that prejudice still lies below the surface for many.  It is NOT OK.  I hate the hypersensitivity that some folks have just as much.  Some people can make an innocent remark into racism...it isn't.  Racism is a heart issue. 
I'm a little verklempt.  I think I may need a nap.  Talk amongst yourselves.


Amy said...

I enjoy your thoughts so much.

Probably because they are so similar to my own.

The Help is one of my very favorite books. I wanted to jump inside the book and hug Aibileen, (In a non scary way, of course.) I just thought she was so wise....and her relationship with Mae Mobley was precious.


Mia said...

Read and loved The Help (let me just say the word "pie" that is all)
I have really been educated in the not so fine art of racial relations since moving to my current address. Nothing like being in the thick of things to give you a new perspective!
Good to hear from you again!