Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I'll try to keep 'em brief!

  • When the ham in the bottom of a deep-freeze is thawed, it is safe to assume all food is ruined.
  • The night the PTO has a spaghetti fund raiser supper will be the day the cafeteria serves spaghetti for lunch.  (Communication anyone?)
  • Kids are most enjoyable one-on-one.
  • Invisible fences require ALOT of work. AND they are real expensive.  BUT, they ARE invisible and that is something, right?
  • Even though I really love my job, the fact that I sometimes have to throw so much product away makes my eyes water.
  • I may have to read The Purpose Driven Life a thousand times to fully get it.  Parts of the book truly make my eyes water.
  • The more I am around people, the more I have to pray for God to help me love people with His love.
  • Most parents I see while I am working would rather buy their kids a toy than have any sort of interaction with them.  That makes my eyes water.
  • Having a friend that 'gets me' and treats me wonderful is an amazing combo.  Having several of those kinds of friends makes me think someone is fixin' to pull a rug out from under me.  (Cynical?  noooo)
  • I have one child in FFA and another running for student still my heart.  Gosh, I loved school.  I believe in the future of farming...
  • Having a giant black lab as a full-time house dog kinda stinks...literally and figuratively.  Also...the fur!!  It is everywhere.
  • Sometimes I miss homeschooling so much my eyes water. 
  • Sometimes I love public school so much my eyes water.
  • School fund raisers suck!  $8 gift wrap anyone?  Anyone?  (Crickets.)
  • Seeing a bunch of cross-country team kids at a funeral home to visit a team-mate whose daddy died in a work accident (only 31 years old!) makes my eyes water.  Watching my girls be that kind of friend feels really good. (and makes my eyes water)
That should tell how I am doing.  My eyes water easily these days.  Everything is still really raw, but life is good.  God is faithful.  Friends are Heaven on earth.  This world is not my home, I'm just travelin' through.

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