Sunday, August 14, 2011


What a weekend.  We knew two of our children would be gone this whole weekend.  Erik spent Friday night on a date with Lilly to the races while I decluttered round this old house.  Saturday, Erik and I set out to spoil Lilly with a trip to Toys R Us (where she was allowed to spend a $3 coupon plus $5 of mom's dollars)  (hey big spenders!).  TWO toys were purchased from the clearance rack.  One is a science project kit(I blame homeschooling for her science fascination), the other was a whole set of gel pens and a card making kit(I blame homeschooling for her art fascination).  After that it was off to the movies to spend a $15 gift card on 3 tickets to SMURFS!!!  (Wait for the video.)  It was such a fun day. 

As soon as we walked in the door, the phone rang and one of her friends was desperate for Lilly to spend the night.  AND then there were none.  (Children left at home, that is.)  Erik and I met up with my friend Marla for sushi, had a great visit and then came home to an empty house.~

This morning when we woke up, we considered skipping church for about 5 minutes and then we successfully fought that urge.  We had a great afternoon, accomplished alot and then slowly the children came home.  All is well now in sleepville, all the children are snuggled in bed.  I love my kids, but a night without them was pretty sweet!

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