Sunday, August 21, 2011


Sometimes things come along and they refresh us like rain falling in the desert.  That is what this weekend did for me.  I went with one of my favorite people in the world to the Women of Faith conference in Indianapolis this past Friday and Saturday.  Between the bonding with Kimberly(and by bonding I mean hysterical laughing to the point of having sore abs) and the actual conference, I am renewed.

Thomas Nelson was good enough to provide me with free tickets for me and a friend to this conference in exchange for a review.  Thomas Nelson basically blessed my socks off.  Between that and a hotwire hotel called the WESTIN (best hotel bed EVER!!!), the trip was half the cost it normally would have been.  And worth triple the cost it normally would have least at this point in my dry thirsty life.

My favorite speaker was Angie Smith, who not only is a BLOGGER but also a homeschooler...even though my kids are in public school now, I still feel a camaraderie.  Next was Lisa Harper.  She has a beautiful smile that lights up a room!  She told a story about a "nekkid man" that had me laughing so hard that I thought I might not stop.  Then she turned me the other direction and had me crying all in less than an hour.  The whole conference was just wonderful and I am so grateful that everything fell into place to allow me to go.  Special thanks to my darling husband for being me on Friday which allowed the real me to leave early in the morning and make it on time for more sessions.

If there is one of these coming to your city...take the time to go.  I promise, it will renew your spirit. 

I must confess though, coming home after an event like this is hard.  Real life is hard.  Thank you God for giving us reprieves just when we need them.  (AND, new mercies every morning!)

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