Monday, July 04, 2011

Sibling Fights

The sibling fights that happen in our house drive me crazy.  There is constant squabbling when all I crave is peace and quiet.  AND unity and love.  A hippie festival of love in our home.  That is my request.  So, I know that it is not abnormal and also that it is not my is the nature of three very different girl personalities co-existing in a household.  I should be thankful that they are girls.  I can't imagine the sorts of sibling fights households of boys have going on.  It will all work out in the end, my 3 sisters and I all turned out to be close and somewhat normal.

Most households stop at two children and many of those scenarios are a boy and a girl.  Those households can never relate to siblings trying to 'stand out' in a family of all the same gender, or even mostly the same gender, I would assume.  Same sex siblings are constantly trying to be different from their sibling...while at the same time they often totally admire their sibling.  It makes for some fun times for a parent.

I am writing this post for two helps me to vent a bit AND it is very important to not question your sanity as a parent as you live in a same-gendered group of siblings!  It is hard enough to be a parent without questioning your sanity.  Hugs and kisses to any of you struggling with this fun dilemma.  Hug your children and remember to take your Prozac.  ( ;

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ShortyMom said...

This house is no different with the sibling rivalry. There is a constant bickering going on it seems (though this summer is going better than past summers knock on wood). I hope you find the peace you crave! We need to get these kids together again soon so maybe they can wear each other out some!