Sunday, May 22, 2011

What A WEEK!

These are a few of my experiences this week...
  • Regarding work...I went from 25 hours one week down to 15 the next and then hit rock bottom at 5 again.  This week, I am somewhere between 12 and 15.  This job gives me whiplash.  Actually, it was all good because Erik was on vacation-it would have been terrible to get alot of hours on his vacation week.
  • The flood waters receded off of all the roads just in time for me to get my momma to FOUR doctors appointments this week.  (Yes, Erik's vacation week.)  Anyway, those roads being open shaved a good hour off my driving times and I am sooooo thankful!
  • Erik and I ate lunch with Lilly one day this week at school.  Nothing is cuter than the way elementary kids respond to guests for lunch.  It always makes me feel a little bit like a superhero.
  • I, along with some of the rest of the family,  helped my nephew finish moving their stuff out of their house this weekend.  Most of the people on their street were doing the same.  The large piles of household contents made my eyes water a bit.  Jason and Brittany are lucky to not have lost everything and also to have flood insurance on their structure.  They plan to cut their losses and find a home nowhere near any flood plains.  It has been a wild ride for them and it is not close to  over yet.
  • The saddest moment for me...realizing that their flood ravaged home was, at least this weekend, much cleaner than my own.  TOMORROW, I will clean!
  • My hubby got older this weekend.  I saw him for a tiny bit on his birthday...but most of his day was spent at a local arts festival helping run the stage.  I know he loved doing it and I am glad he has such wonderful friends and music opportunities.  I am also glad he had that festival because the oldest girls spent their day at Holiday World with their school. 
  • I went to a cook-out with some of my high school buddies.  We played volleyball and I learned that I can still play.  I also have not improved with age BUT I haven't lost any of my mad skilz either though.  heehee!
  • I fought the urge to unplug from everything today and just take the day off.  I did not though.  I followed through with church, care group and then the kids to youth group.  God rewarded me with an amazing message meant just for me.  It was EXACTLY what I needed to hear.  I never would have thought the story of Samson could ever be applied to my life...but it was and it is just the message I needed.
  • Even though I am a grouchy mean momma today, joy comes in the morning...I hope.

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