Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Because I feel the need...

...to overshare.  Erik and I are in round 572 of counseling.  Hee hee, not really that many.  Why are we going?  Because things are good between us right now and we like it and want to maintain it.  Because our kids are making us crazy and we need some new tools for our toolbox.  Because we are just a few short years away from the empty nest...which is also the time of life when many couples move into the divorce zone.  So, in short, we are being pro-active.  Making the decision to strengthen our family.

That is some serious oversharing folks.  But the reason I want to overshare is to brag on my family just a little bit.  We were in counseling almost 10 years ago.  We were both stubborn and just knew the other person was the cause of all our problems.  We kind of enjoyed making the other look bad and the counselor was sort of in referee mode.  I cried through all of the sessions.  It was a joyous time, NOT.  Today, as we were in the process of taking stock of some of our problems today, I felt a peace wash over me.  We still have 90% of the problems we had 10 years ago.  The difference in then and now is our level of honesty and acceptance of one another.  There are no secrets...we both admit the things we do wrong and try very hard to keep our vices in check.  Today, was a joyous session...and so was the last one.  We are not perfect, but we are much improved over last time around AND we've  gotten some really good parenting advice, time management advice, and budgeting advice.  We also got some affirmation that lots of people struggle with exactly the things we struggle with. 

So my brag for today:

We are good enough, smart enough and doggone it, people like us.  ( ;

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