Friday, December 17, 2010

Guessing Game!

Night and Day
Picadilly Plum
Totally Turquoise
Mediterranean Blue
Java Blue
Apple Green

My new obsession on ebay.  I am trying to find one of those colors in a backpack for my daughter.  Don't get me wrong, I have found thousands of them.  I am trying to find one that can be bought for less than $30 INCLUDING shipping.  So far, I am having no luck.  However, while I was away from my computer all day today for Lilly's Christmas program, two sold for less than my price.  Serious bummer.  In a couple of days, I am retiring from this hunt and will resume it after Christmas. (OR give up!) Perhaps a bunch of people will get them for Christmas and sell them cheap.  HA!

So, guess who the famous designer is of these amazingly descriptive colored items.  Winner gets.....bragging rights!!


Hula Girl at Heart said...

Hmmm. Ed Hardy? If that's wrong, I got nuthin'. He's the only designer I know that appeals to young people. I'm rapidly falling out of touch.

Oh, and the verification word on this comment is "pootch". That makes me giggle like a 5th grader.

Anonymous said...

Vera Bradley!
:) Mia

Heather said...

Check with So Cool in Grand Rivers. They ran all of the retiring prints 50% off right after Thanksgiving. They may have a special now, too.