Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dear Blog...

Dear Blog,

It has always been my intention to keep you in the manner that you are accustomed.  This means that I might neglect you from time to time, but I don't just leave you hanging...without even an explanation.  For this type of behavior worries my friends who are also my readers and my readers who are also my friends.  Especially when my last post was about voting and IT SEEMED LIKE I SHOULD BE HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS???  YES??  So now I will try to offer up a lovely set of reasons for my absence.  (I was happy with MOST of the election results-bye, bye Pelosi!!!!  Hopefully Harry gets nixed next time!)

I now have two children in school and this means....I must wake up at 6:30 and begin my day.  I am used to beginning my day very slowly much closer to 9ish.  This time change is wreaking havoc on my internal clock.  For instance, today I tried so hard to SLEEP IN.  I made it to 8:15 and the last 15 minutes I was totally faking it.  This means that I am soooooo READY for bed in the evenings.  I actually start thinking about how nice it will be to go to bed around 8PM.  The other night I was seriously crabby at 9PM.  Need I remind you that I am a night owl????????  At least, I used to be.

I am trying to set a record for doctor appointments.  I have had at least three a week for quite some time.  Oh, of course, they aren't all at the same doctor...we have orthodontist reg. visits, orthodontist something broke appointments, my 'weight' Dr visits, my mom's kidney, blood, vascular and eye visits AND last week, we had a trifecta of eye doctor appointments featuring surgery on Tuesday, Wednesday and then a follow-up visit on Thursday.  Next week we have 2 more follow ups on Monday and Tuesday.

That isn't quite enough on my plate though, let's throw in some big projects, shall we??  How about three separate Social Studies fair projects last week with a side of two science fairs this week. Lilly has a theatre group with a part in the Christmas play.  The older two girls are committed to teen court. Also-Lilly is in the most awesome Girl Scout troop...we had a fall festival last night.  I have given up the impossible dream of keeping piano lessons going-when, when could they be?

My dog still has tail issues...but no longer has a tail, just a nub.  Hubby bought a project car/truck (El Camino).  We had a funeral today and a wedding this evening.  My children are very lacking in the dressy clothing area because our church is casual...this makes much stress when there are dressy clothing occasions! 

The cat's litter box got so bad I threw the whole thing away and started with a new one. I have broken my diet three times this weekend but was good all week.  I have read three Jodi Piccoult books this week while waiting for docs, surgeries, etc.  Her books are awesome.

I have to go to bed now.  My eyes are so droopy and I have to put the clothes in the washer into the dryer so we will have pants for tomorrow.  Sorry to be so long and drawn out here, I just thought you had a right to know.

Normal is bound to return any moment now. 

Oh wait, I think it is officially the holiday season...Falalalala-la-la-la-laaaaa!!


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